Therapy Made Easy

Lyra provides care for your emotional and mental health how, when and where you need it at no cost to you. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, short-term support from Lyra can get you back on your feet. With online tools, research-backed therapeutic methods, and top therapists, coaches and psychiatrists, you and your dependents can tap into an easy, convenient way to get unstuck, manage stress, communicate better, improve relationships, and have more joy overall.

Through the Lyra program, you can schedule a visit with a licensed mental health clinician (e.g., therapist, psychiatrist) or a Lyra-certified coach.

  • Who are Lyra coaches and how can they help?
    • Lyra coaches are certified by the International Coaching Foundation and complete an intensive four-week Lyra course with role plays and interactive exercises done by licensed mental health clinicians. When you work with a coach, your case is also reviewed by a licensed mental health clinician. You can rest assured your coach and a clinician, if necessary, will work together to make sure your needs are met through coaching and/or counseling.
    • Coaches are often a good fit for people who want to lower stress and anxiety or deal with relationship issues but don’t want to see a therapist.
  • Starting in 2019, the number of visits with a clinician or coach through Lyra will be limited to 20 per individual per year.

Get started: Create an account on Lyra's secure and confidential online tool at or call Lyra at 1-844-993-3322. You can also send an email to Once you're signed up, you can schedule an appointment right away.

Work and Life Solutions

Lyra also offers work and life solutions to help you with legal matters, financial planning, and identity theft resolution. For more information about these services, call Lyra at 1-844-281-2340 or visit