Employee Assistance Program

Lyra is eBay’s Employee Assistance Program provider. Whether you're feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, short-term support from Lyra can get you back on your feet. With online tools, research-backed therapeutic methods, and therapists, coaches and psychiatrists, you and your dependents can tap into an easy, convenient way to get unstuck, manage stress, communicate better, improve relationships, and have more joy overall.

Through Lyra, you can schedule a visit with a licensed mental health clinician (e.g., therapist, psychiatrist) or a Lyra-certified coach.

What is coaching?

Lyra’s coaching program provides personalized support via live video or phone in six 45-minute sessions that will empower you to deal with stress and anxiety, make difficult decisions, or enhance your relationships. When you work with a coach, your case is also reviewed by a licensed mental health clinician. You can rest assured that your coach and clinician, if necessary, will work together to make sure your needs are met through coaching and/or counseling. Coaching is a good fit for those who don’t want to see a clinical therapist.

Up to 20 sessions annually with a clinician or coach for you, your partner and dependents are provided through the Employee Assistance Program benefit.

Get started:

Once you're signed up, you can schedule an appointment right away.

Work and Life Solutions

Lyra also offers work and life solutions to help you with legal matters, financial planning, and identity theft resolution. For more information about these services, call Lyra at 1-844-281-2340 or visit ebay.lyrahealth.com/worklife.