Personalized and Innovative Wellness Programs

Have you tried these five eBay benefits that are available to you and your family?

1. Grand Rounds

What is it? Expert advice. Expert care.

When you should try it. Whether you need help finding the best physician in your area, information about a new diagnosis or treatment, or support deciding if a surgery or treatment plan is right for you, Grand Rounds will take care of it all. To learn more about Grand Rounds, visit the eBay Grand Rounds site or call 1-866-357-6942.

2. Grokker

What is it? On-demand exercise, mindfulness, cooking and yoga videos.

When you should try it. Whenever you have 5, 15 or 50 minutes to fit wellness into your day. If you’re on the eBay network, go directly to the eBay Grokker site to register. If you’re not on the eBay network, refer to these instructions for accessing Grokker anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices. You can invite your family members to join too.

3. Lyra

What is it? Coaching and therapy made easy plus work and life solutions.

When you should try it. If you’re overwhelmed, stuck, or dealing with something heavier. With Lyra, you and your family can get coaching or therapy how, when and where you need it. Call Lyra at 1-844-993-3322 or visit the eBay Lyra site. You can also send an email to

If you need help with financial planning, legal issues or identity theft resolution, call Lyra at 1-844-281-2340 or visit the eBay Lyra site for work and life solutions.

4. Stanford Health Navigation Services

What is it? A customized health services web portal.

When you should try it. Whenever you need to make an informed decision about your health care. A Stanford Health Navigator will help you and your family access specialists, health resources, services and amenities. This includes finding a specialist anywhere in the world, conducting medical research, verifying a physician’s credentials, and even finding clinical trials. Visit the eBay Stanford Health Navigation Services site, send an email to, or call 1-877-519-5607 (outside the U.S.: +1-650-736-5986).

5. Vida

What is it? A health coaching app that provides one-on-one personalized coaching through your mobile device, using audio, video and messaging.

When you should try it. Whether you're looking to work on health goals, such as losing weight, getting fit, reducing stress, managing a chronic condition, or getting help with anxiety or depression, or if you are just looking for an accountability partner to help you reach your goals, Vida can give you the support you need. Visit the eBay Vida site or call 1-855-442-5885.

Download the Vida app to your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone: Use invite code: EBAY