Benefit Eligibility

If you're a regular eBay employee on the U.S. payroll and you work 20 or more hours a week on a continuous basis, you're eligible for the benefits described on this website. Your spouse/domestic partner and your children up to age 26 are also eligible for coverage under our health and insurance benefits.

A Note About the 401(k) Savings Plan: If you're a regular eBay employee on the U.S. payroll, you're eligible to contribute to the 401(k) Savings Plan, regardless of how many hours you work on a weekly basis. You can enroll in this plan any time after about two weeks of your hire date, and you can make changes to your elections at any time.

Your spouse is eligible for coverage if he or she is a person you're legally married to under the laws of the state in which you live. Legal spouses include same-sex and common-law spouses in states that recognize these marriages.

Domestic partners of employees are eligible for certain eBay benefits if the employee is eligible for eBay benefits and if:

  • They have a domestic partnership or civil union that is legally established under state law; or
  • They are same- or opposite-sex domestic partners who have met all of the following criteria:
    • Are financially interdependent and are jointly responsible for each other's common welfare
    • Intend to remain in a committed relationship
    • Are at least age eighteen (18) years of age and capable of consenting to the domestic partnership
    • Are not so closely related by blood that a legal marriage would be otherwise prohibited by law

Note: Your domestic partner's expenses generally are not eligible for reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.

The IRS states that the fair market value for domestic partner coverage is taxable to the employee. This means the full cost of individual coverage (for your domestic partner) would be added to your taxable income (imputed income). You'll see domestic partner imputed income added to your annual earnings (to incur the tax liability) and then deducted from your gross pay.

You can cover dependent children until age 26, regardless of student status or other coverage. An eligible dependent child can be:

  • Your natural child
  • Your stepchild
  • Your adopted child or a child placed with you for adoption
  • A child for whom you're the court-appointed guardian
  • Any child who is your tax-eligible dependent
  • The child of an enrolled domestic partner
  • Any child for whom you are responsible to provide health coverage based on a qualified medical child support order (QMCSO)