2019 Open Enrollment: November 1 – 11

We know no other situation is exactly like yours. That’s why your eBay benefits were designed with you in mind — so you can find the right fit for your unique needs.

If you’d like to change plans or update who you cover next year, you can do that November 1 – 11 during Open Enrollment. If you’re happy with the coverage you have, you don’t need to do anything to continue your current coverage (except for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contributions) at 2019 employee contribution rates.

Health care costs keep going up across the nation and here at eBay. These costs are shared by us all — with eBay paying the larger portion. Our role in supporting your health is important and we will continue to pay the majority of the overall health care costs for you and your family. Your pre-tax paycheck contributions for medical, dental and vision coverage will increase in 2019, but the amount you pay when you access care — things like deductibles, coinsurance and copays — will stay the same.

Check out your 2019 contribution rates and learn more about how eBay pays for health care.

eBay pays health care claims on the eBay PPO, eBay PPO with HSA and SelectHealth plans the way an insurance company does.

Here's how it works: When you go to the doctor or fill a prescription, your claim is processed by the plan administrator — Collective Health or SelectHealth. Then, you and eBay each pay a share of the costs. Your share is through payments like copays and deductibles. eBay picks up the rest of the cost.

Many large organizations operate health plans this way. One of the advantages is that we can customize the types of plans we offer to meet the diverse needs of our employees.

eBay sponsors health and well-being programs that support you and your family at no additional cost.

Whether you are starting a family, dealing with a cancer diagnosis, managing depression or anxiety, needing trusted advice about medical treatment, or just looking for a doctor…eBay has resources. Check out the “2019 Health and Well-Being Programs” section below for more information.

  • Care.com helps you find ongoing, occasional and emergency backup care for your kids, parents, pets and home by connecting you to a network of caregivers and giving you access to references, reviews and background checks.
  • Cleo (formerly LUCY) supports birthing parents; supportive partners; adoptive and surrogate parents; and same-sex and solo parents from conception through baby’s first year. With an easy-to-use app and personalized guidance, Cleo provides you with expert support for birth preparation, newborn care, sleep coaching, breastfeeding, child development and safety, transitioning to parental leave, and returning to work with confidence.
  • Grand Rounds offers expert guidance on any aspect of your health care and can help you locate a doctor. Grand Rounds is with you when:
    • You need a checkup. They’ll find the best physician in your area.
    • You need a hand. They’ll book doctor’s appointments, gather medical records, and handle all the details.
    • You need an expert. They’ll get you an opinion or personalized care plan from a world-leading expert.
    • You need support. They’ll help you make tough decisions and help you decide if surgery is right for you.
    • You need answers. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about a new diagnosis or an existing condition.
  • Grokker offers an on-demand video library that makes it easy for you to fit wellness into your day.
    • Get access to a wide variety of exercise, mindfulness, cooking and yoga videos.
    • Watch on multiple devices, including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Apple Watch, Apple TV and Roku.
  • Lyra makes it easy for you to find and get high-quality, personalized care for your mental and emotional health, so you can be your best self at eBay and at home. Through the Lyra program, you can schedule a visit with a licensed mental health clinician (e.g., therapist, psychiatrist) or a Lyra-certified coach to help you get unstuck, manage stress, communicate better, improve relationships, and have more joy overall. Lyra coaches are often a good fit for people who want to lower stress and anxiety or deal with relationship issues but don’t want to see a therapist.
    • Starting in 2019, the number of visits with a clinician or coach through Lyra will be limited to 20 per individual per year.
  • Stanford Health Navigation Services is a customized health service web portal that can help you and your family access specialist health resources and services.
  • Vida offers health and well-being coaching through text and video chat on the Vida mobile app. Your Vida coach can help you:
    • Manage a chronic condition, such as prediabetes, diabetes or heart disease.
    • Learn to manage stress and anxiety through a personalized 10-week stress reduction program.
    • Make progress on lifestyle and wellness goals, such as losing weight, getting fit, or eating better. Your Vida coach is a personal trainer, nutritionist, nurse, mentor and accountability partner all wrapped up in one.
  • Robin Care
    • "Robins" are Care Advocates who are highly experienced within the fields of oncology nursing, clinical psychology, social work, nutrition, physical therapy and legal/insurance matters.
    • Their sole job is to ensure you have guidance when you need it. They are available 24/7 through mobile, web and/or phone.
  • Use Connect Care to save money. Starting January 1, we’re removing the $20 copay for Intermountain Connect Care. This means you’ll pay nothing when you access a skilled clinician via your smartphone, tablet or computer for a wide variety of illnesses, including hypertension, sore throat, lower back, joint pain and more. Your clinician will review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. To get started, download the app on Android or iOS or visit Intermountain Connect Care on the web.
  • More ways to save when you need care. As a SelectHealth member, you also have access to these other convenient resources.
    • Intermountain Health Answers is a 24/7 nurse line that connects you with a registered nurse to listen to your concerns, answer medical questions, and decide what course of action to take. All you need to do is call 1-844-501-6600.
    • After-hours pediatric care. If you have a sick child and you need to see a doctor in person, Intermountain Instacare/Kidscare is a health care facility open late for your kids. Some locations are open until midnight.
  • The Collective Health website makes it easy to review and compare your plan options. You can also review these pages:
  • November 1 – 11: If you want to make changes to your coverage, go to People Central on the Hub and select “Manage Your Benefits.” If you don’t make changes by November 11, your current coverage will continue at 2019 employee contribution rates.
  • Enroll (or re-enroll) in the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to save money on eligible health care and dependent care expenses in 2019. To participate, you have to enroll for these accounts each year, even if you're enrolled in an FSA now.
    • The 2019 FSA contribution limits are:
      • Health care FSA: $2,650
      • Dependent care FSA: $2,500 or $5,000 (depending on your tax filing status)
    • Health care FSA $500 carryover feature: If you currently participate in the health care FSA, your unused balance (up to $500) will automatically be added to your 2019 account. This carryover amount will be available immediately in 2019 to pay for qualified medical expenses, and it won't count against the annual IRS limit. So even if you have a carryover, you'll still be able to contribute up to $2,650 tax-free to the health care FSA next year.
  • If you're enrolled in the eBay PPO with HSA plan: A limited-use health care FSA is available to employees who enroll in the eBay PPO with HSA plan. This type of FSA is designed to work with your HSA. To learn more, visit the Health Savings Account (HSA) page and select "How the eBay PPO With HSA Can Work With a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)."

Unless you have a qualified status change midyear, Open Enrollment is the only time you can enroll in or make changes to your medical, dental, vision, Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and optional life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) plans to fit your unique needs. This includes adding dependents to your coverage for 2019.

If you don't enroll by November 11, your current coverage (except for FSA contributions) will continue at 2019 employee contribution rates.


  • If you're enrolled in the PPO with HSA, you may want to check your HSA contribution election. Your current contribution amount will continue in 2019, but you can change it at any time.
  • You will need to enroll in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) if you want to participate in 2019, even if you are participating in an FSA today. Participation in an FSA does not renew automatically.